Videoconference Clinical Experience and Innovation in APL by Dr. Harry Iland.

On March 22, our videoconference was developed.

Clinical Experience and Innovation in APL, our Speaker Dr. Harry Iland lectured us about
the evolution in the approach of patients with APL, from anthracycline-based
protocols to phase one clinical trials of oral Arsenic Trioxide formulations.

In the city of Lima, our team of Farmavita Group S.A.C, carried out the
face-to-face event, with hematologists and oncologists, including Dr. Luis
Dulanto, Hematologist of the University of Lima, who presented us with a case
report: patient with acute promyelocytic leukemia R/R, that was cured with
ATO+ATRA schema.

We had a participation of more than 600 connections of hematologists, oncologists,
pharmaceutical chemists, nurses etc. From countries like Australia, Colombia,
United States and Peru.

#FarmavitaSAC  #ASG

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