Pharmaceutical Dynamism – Impact Alliances

We are Advance Scientific Group, a dynamic pharmaceutical company that agilely adapts to new technologies, building strong and impactful alliances in the Latin American market.

Our History


Advance Scientific Group, begins operations in Colombia with the marketing of orphan products.


Advance Scientific Group opens its first subsidiary in Latin America, Farma Vita S.A.C., in Peru.


Advance Scientific Group signs its first alliance with Kampar S.A. laboratory in Chile.


An agreement is signed with distributors in Mexico and the Dominican Republic. First subsidiary, Farma Vita Health LLC, in the United States.


The pharmaceutical group Advance Scientific Group establishes its third subsidiary in Latin America, Advance Scientific Chile S.P.A. in Chile.

Our Challenge

Elevating the quality of healthcare for the population of Latin America by making the latest technologies for highly complex diseases accessible to healthcare professionals. Providing quick, consistent, and sustained access, generating significant value for our stakeholders.

Misión, Advance Scientific Group.
Visión Advance Scientific Group.

2031 Vision: Alliance for Health in Latin America

In 2031, positioning ourselves in the Latin American market as a company committed to the healthcare systems of the countries where we are present, working hand in hand with governments and the medical community.

Value Propositions

Global Alliances

We establish global alliances with laboratories at the forefront of pharmaceutical technology, internationally certified, and endorsed by government bodies that are globally recognized.

Innovative Capabilities

We have the ability to identify high-impact innovative molecules in the Latin American healthcare system with clear benefits recognized by healthcare professionals, patients, governments, and health academics.