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Academic Participation to Secretaria de Salud de Cali

One of the objectives of Advance Scientific Group is to transmit knowledge. For this reason, we participated together with the Secretary of Health of Santiago de Cali, in the guidance session on diagnostic screening methods for Mycobacterium tuberculosis infection. We carry out this support by considering the importance of providing conceptual elements and practical tools […]

Oncology Academic Talks

June 2022 – Restaurant 7-24 Bogotá We continue to support institutions and specialists to update their HSCT protocols. We had a wonderful talk with the support of Guillermo Quintero, MD, Hematologist from Fundación Santa Fe, along with a group of hematologists, oncologists and pharmaceutical chemists. During the talk, we shared studies about conditioning regimens and […]

Is BEAM still the standard for patients who are candidates for HSCT?

June 2022 – Marriott Hotel – Medellin Advance Scientific de Colombia S.A.S is proud to support the Institution and its employees in the update of its HSCT protocols. We began the cycle of academic talks with the support of Kenny Galvez, MD, Hematologist from Hospital Pablo Tobón Uribe. We shared studies about conditioning regimens and new […]

Antibiotics Management

July 2022 – Clinica Asunción Advance Scientific Colombia was present at the “Antibiotic Treatment and Protocol for Infections” Conference given by Infectiologist Lino Fernandez with a team of specialists and infectiologists from Clínica Asunción. One of the highlights of the event was the success of Enterocaps in the treatment of Clostirum Dificile.